John Schipilow

John Schipilow

BSc in Biomechanics, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, MSc in Physical Therapy

John initially began his academic career by pursuing an undergraduate degree in

Biomechanics under the faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. His interest in

biomechanics led him to a research-based Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the

same university, where he his now an author on a variety of peer-reviewed journal articles.

His thesis focused on bone micro-architecture in elite athletes, whereby he sought to

understand how the loading involved in different sports affects the organization of bone

structure on a micro scale, and how this may be related to muscle force production in elite

athletes. John published his findings in the journal Bone in 2013.


After successfully defending and publishing his thesis findings, John took a Lab Technician

position at a pre-clinical imaging-based laboratory at the University of British Columbia. His

involvement included operating x-ray based equipment and assisting academic researchers

with their projects.


While John enjoyed his time as a Lab Technician and further strengthened his experience in

scientific research, his desire to work with people in a clinical setting brought him back to

school where he completed a Masters degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta.

This well-rounded program offered exposure to a variety of clinical settings, allowing John to

cast a wide net for gathering and consolidating clinical experience.


Since completing his Physiotherapy program in 2019, John has been a licensed

physiotherapist in Canada. He primarily works in sports medicine, but also maintains a part-

time role helping patients in assisted care facilities, ultimately providing exposure to a wide

array of patient demographics. His approach to treatment begins with patient education and

knowledge translation, as he strongly believes that knowledge promotes motivation and self-

efficacy. From there, an emphasis on activity-based treatment is central to his overall

treatment philosophy, while also incorporating various adjuncts to treatment as indicated by

available evidence.


This site is another avenue for John to relay clinical information in a manner that the Average

Joe can understand, helping those who may not know where to turn for information and to

promote further understanding of ailments they may be experiencing. While not a substitute

for visiting a doctor or physiotherapist in person, the goal for this site is to improve and/or

supplement peoples’ understanding of conditions often seen in physiotherapy clinics.