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Knee Pain When Squatting

Are you experiencing knee pain when squatting or bending the knee? Check out this article for information about common non-traumatic injuries and conditions that can cause knee pain when squatting.

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Sprained Ankle vs. Broken Ankle

This article is intended to provide information about the Ottawa Ankle Rules, which is a common tool used to differentiate a sprained ankle vs. broken ankle. While meant to be administered by healthcare professionals, understanding this tool can help provide insight into the sequence of assessment when an ankle fracture is suspected.

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Your Guide to Understanding Lateral Ankle Sprains

This article is intended to share information about the causes of lateral ankle sprains, the anatomical structures involved, what you can expect in terms of assessment and treatment, and discussion regarding general strategies for self-management of a lateral ankle sprain.

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Understanding Chronic Ankle Sprains

This article is intended to provide information regarding chronic ankle sprains and associated chronic lateral ankle pain. Included in the article is general information, what to expect in terms of physiotherapy assessment and treatment and the reasoning behind it.

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